Since the year 2000,
298,840 Jews from
around the world
have been on a Jewish
educational trip to
Israel with
Israel Experience®

Israel Experience® is the leading company for educational group travel to Israel, now bringing over 30,000 people from around the world to Israel per year. As a subsidiary of the Jewish Agency for Israel, Israel Experience provides teens, university students and adults from all over the globe with tailor-made and packaged programs, offering the highest standards of service, safety and security.

The mandate of the company is to facilitate and implement Jewish-Zionist experiential, educational visits to Israel in order to strengthen Jewish identity among Jews – especially youth – living in communities outside of Israel.

For 55 years, Israel Experience, programs were run through a division within the Youth & HeChalutz Department, which later merged into the Jewish Agency for Israel Education Department . In 1999 a decision was made to form Israel Experience as a subsidiary company of the Jewish Agency. Our clients represent communities, movements, organizations and schools from the various streams of Judaism from around the world.

Since we were formed, Israel Experience has solidified its reputation as a provider of high-quality programming at fair and reasonable prices, backed up by superior logistical services.

Tailor Made Program

We are committed to developing programs that are “tailor-made” to meet the needs and interests of each of our clients. To this end, we pride ourselves in maintaining excellent lines of communication with our clients, working with you at all stages of development, from a program’s inception through its actual implementation. Our dedicated and experienced staff of professionals looks forward to working with you.

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