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You choose where you would like to live, the amount of time you want to spend in Israel, and what you would like to do. We’ll take care of the rest.

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Land an intership at a top company in the field of your choice. Immerse yourself in Israeli society, lending your skills to make a difference. Broaden your horizons studying music, medicine, yoga, art and more. Become a true, independent Israeli by studying Hebrew. Be the teacher who makes a difference, inspiring elementary school children to learn English. Let us know what you would like to do in Israel and we'll find the program to fit your needs.

"My Israel experience really gave a depth to my appreciation for Israel and Judaism that I would never have had otherwise. I got the incredible chance to live in the heart of Tel Aviv with so many people from all over the world who came to Israel for similar reasons as I did. It was so important for me to step outside of New York for a year and experience something like this program, which gave me a well-roundedness that I needed. It also gave me a great group of lifelong friends, who I still see regularly years later."

Eric Lesser - Israel Experience participant