Experience Israel Your Way

Life is a journey, and here is your chance to include Israel in that journey.   Come with us on a transformative travel experience to Israel.  Imagine a whirlwind of self-exploration, new friends, celebrations, amazing landscapes, dynamic history, fun and adventure.

For nearly 60 years, Israel Experience has been the leader in educational tourism and travel in Israel, providing life changing opportunities and adventures for hundreds of thousands of participants throughout the world.  Our expert staff provide high end travel for synagogues, youth groups, businesses, colleges, schools, organizations and many more.  We work with all kinds of groups to create tailor made programs to fit your needs and interests, and work together with you to make sure you get the most out of your Israel Experience.

So contact us today to learn more about the many exciting opportunities we can offer to you to connect with the land and people of Israel.

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People and Diversity 

  • Immersion with minority groups in Israel
  • Home hospitality and mifgashim
  • Multi cultural program

Arts and Culture

  • Culinary tours and lessons
  • Music, art and theater programming

Israel in the 21st Century

  • Israeli start-ups and innovation projects
  • Social entrepreneurism
  • Volunteering with new age pioneers

Politics and Society

  • Educational seminars on Israeli political system and society
  • Speaker forums and tours with top Israeli officials

Religion and Spirituality

  • Jewish learning and religious site visits
  • Introduction on other represented religions
  • Shabbat and holiday experiences

Outdoors and Adventure

  • Hiking and outdoor activities throughout the country
  • Exploring Israel‚Äôs scenic and natural beauty


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