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The Israel Experience Educational Tourism Services Ltd. (founded by The Jewish Agency) , is a subsidiary of The Jewish Agency for Israel.

Each year, Israel Experience brings thousands of teens, students and adults to Israel from the Diaspora, for the purposes of strengthening the Jewish identity of those who take part in its programs, and deepening their knowledge of the country.

Those participating in the various programs take part in an educational experiential tour, for a time period lasting between 10 days and 6 months. The groups undergo trips, seminars, classes, and get acquainted with Israeli society. We are currently selecting counselors for our summer programs (June-July) – the average duration of summer group counseling is about one month.

Counselors remain with their groups 24 hours a day, and tend to their every need. The counselor is responsible for each of the participants’ physical needs (sleeping arrangements, medical needs, food, laundry, etc.), and is in charge of helping them deal with educational content, such as site tours and educational activities.

According to various studies, the Israeli counselors are responsible for a great and definitive part in establishing the Jewish-Zionist identities of our programs’ participants, as well as for the successful implementation of their visit’s educational goals.

Our company selects the very best counselors, using a meticulous sorting and training program which includes a telephone interview, sorting process and personal interview, further training, and a preparatory seminar.

We invite you apply for our team of counselors, so that you can take part in an important Zionist project and experience a fascinating and challenging activity, which involves working with youths from all over the world, who come to Israel for educational experiential tours.

We are looking for highly motivated Israeli citizens, over 21 years old, who are experienced counselors, and are fluent in English.


Combined Counseling – Tour Guides and Social Guides. The position combines social counseling with tour guiding, and requires experience guiding tours across all of Israel (applicants must have a tour guide license / Tav Taken license).

Social Counseling – the position combines educational counseling alongside constant group care. Applicants with counseling / informal education experience, preferred.

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