Exploring Israel with Israel Experience

History, religion, and family are intertwined with the story of Israel. Living outside of Israel sometimes makes our connection a bit more challenging but never unfeasible. 

Luckily Israel Experience can help us strengthen the bond, enrich, and educate with tailor-made programs to do just that – boost and reinforce our connection to Israel. The program offers the highest standards of service, safety, and security. A five-star package for an unforgettable journey.  The ultimate trip to Israel.

The main goal is to make sure you are covered head-to-toe in excitement, personal meaning, and the value of identity and nourishment of your bond with your Jewish community back at home. 

 Since the year 1958, we’ve been creating amazing travel opportunities to Israel for people all over the world. Israel Experience has been the first program to create educational programs for tourists and visitors. The programs are for teens, students, and adults creating a trip that is ‘just right’ for them based on their needs, interests, and objectives. We combine education, religion, sightseeing, cultural experiences, language instruction, and fun all in one visit. You call the shots.

 A few facets of our different programs:

 Career Israel – A tailored internship program combining work experience, travel, and overall cultural immersion.

Adult and Family Travel – A pre-planned trip for your family based on your interests with special focus on the Jewish values you would like to emphasize during your visit.

Masa Israel Teaching Fellows – A program designed around an English teaching position, where during the week you teach Israeli children English and have the opportunity to learn Hebrew.

Israel’s experience has many more programs for almost any idea you have in mind. 

What else do we offer:

  • Safety and security – a leader in security protocol for group trips to Israel. This is our priority! We work with the Israel Defense Forces and the Israeli Police Force to ensure your safety. 
  • Quality programming – we make sure our programs are innovative, creative, current, and memorable. 
  • Exceptional service – We are dedicated to running your trip smoothly and our staff is available 24/7 with a commitment to exceptional service. 
  • Competitive pricing – We will cater and work with you for a cost-effective but quality tour.

 Bottom line, with over 30,000 people joining us each year, connections with Israel’s finest hotels, restaurants, and iconic sites, as well as creative ideas to create your ideal trip, experience, or journey we’d like you to know we are here to make it happen for you.

Let’s talk.




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