IsraDreams – Your One-Stop Shop for your Israel Travels

The decision has been made: You are traveling to Israel! 

You can’t wait to see the country, to experience the history, taste the food and meet new people. You know Israel has so much to offer.

You heard from friends and family what a unique trip this will be and you can’t wait to update your Story with beach-desert-nightlife-Tel Aviv pics. 

But wait…. How exactly do you make sure you’ll be able to check off all these things?

How can you be sure you’ll enjoy everything from your apartment to your outing rafting in the North? Where do you start making these plans?

Turns out there’s a site that organized all this information in one place:


You want to stay in an apartment outside of Tel Aviv and head out on an off-road adventure – Got you covered!

Maybe you want to enjoy your visit while staying with an Israel family and spend your time volunteering – You can find this too on the site

Or perhaps you’d like to be in the center of it all in Tel Aviv but enjoy a day (or more) in the solitude of the desert – Yes!! You can plan this as well. 

Isradreams is your one-stop-shop for all things ‘the best Israel trip ever’.

A new concept travel site. Yes, we know there are other travel sites out there but…

Our focus is only on Israel and the experiences in a country that has so much to offer, as we are always there if you need help.  

This site didn’t just pop up from nowhere. It goes back to 1958 (!) when the Israel Experience program wanted to promote diversity and cultural experiences for groups coming to Israel. Isradreams was created to promote the same ideas but this time for young travelers seeking to discover Israel on their own. 

Can you imagine starting to solo travel as early as 14? We definitely can and we definitely can build a trip for these ages

actually – you can build a trip and we will be right here to help if you need it. 

What else can you find on the site?

In-depth focus on hosts, details on each outing and adventure, explicit tips for travelers about different facets of their trip, tips also for hosts about hosting and setting clear expectations, different activity categories based on your interests and of course a secure account to handle your full itinerary. 

Check it out, pick a place, choose your next adventure. We are with you every step of the way.

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