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Israel Experience® launches new website

Israel Experience® has just launched a new company website as the final phase of the company’s rebrand that took place just over a year ago. “The aim of the website was to first and foremost highlight the many different exciting trips and program options that Israel Experience offers to participants from around the world” said Hillel Hurwitz, Director of Marketing of the company. “But more than that, it was important for us to share our message through a website that is visually rich and reflective of the incredible experiences, the wonderful moments and the beauty, meaning and excitement shared on each one of our Israel trips.”

The website will have a range of new features. A “trending now” blog with exciting developments from our progams and events. A lobby where participants and group organizers can explore all the trip options available to them. A portal for madrichim to generate and share hadracha resources. And deep social media integration. Amos Hermon, CEO of Israel Experience stated: “Our company has been bringing groups to Israel since 1958. This site is indicative of the fact that despite we are an old company with many years of experience in Israel travel, innovation and creativity is still the heart of Israel Experience. Our promise is to continue to bring the most cutting-edge educational Israel programming with the highest standards of educational quality, service, safety and security.”

Using the most updated development tools, the new site creates a dynamic effect that will keep the website looking fresh, new and updated with every return visit. Be sure to visit us at



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