Top Extreme Activities in Eilat

Can you point out Eilat on the map?

Did you know it is the southernmost city in Israel? Did you know it borders with both Egypt (by land) and Jordan (by sea)? Did you know, some say, it is the best place for extreme activities in Israel? 

Let’s be more specific.

Eilat is indeed the southernmost city in Israel and the only one by the Red Sea. It is a Port city and a main tourist location. It is a tax-free zone (this is always good to know) and is accessible by car (two main roads access the city from different directions) and by plane (there is a brand new airport about 30 minutes away). 

Now to our point: Due to its vicinity, the Red Sea, beautiful Eilot Mountains, and desert climate, it hosts a variety of sports, above and below water.

Our favorites:

Scuba Diving:

The coral reef off the coast of Eilat is one of the most beautiful in the world. Aside from the abundance of marine life, its location right off the shore, the cool water as opposed to the desert heat, making it ideal to put on a wetsuit and scuba tanks and get in the water. 

The Red Sea, located between Asia and Africa, is a haven for scuba divers and those seeking to explore the underwater world without too much of an effort. You can see here over 800 types of fish in their natural habitat. Take your time getting to know your new surroundings just a few feet from the water’s surface.  


Eilat is known as one of the best places in the world for windsurfing. Also home to Israel’s bronze medalist in windsurfing, Shahar Zuberi. Its location in the desert right off the coast of the Red Sea creates a perfect place for steady blowing wind and warm breezes. Along the water, you can find numerous places for instruction and equipment rentals, all well versed in the craft. 

Off-Road Jeep Tours

Eilat is not just about its amazing sea, it’s also about its mountains, geological layers, and desert breezes. It’s formations create unforgettable desert routes accessible only with off-road vehicles while still maintaining the silence and atmosphere of the area. The backdrop of the views has been untouched for years and from the mountain tops, you’ll be able to see Israel’s neighbors – Jordan, Egypt, and even Sudi Arabia as well the desert colors in places that are not often visited. This is an outing you should really experience!

Desert Night Tours

Eilat by day is not Eilat by night, especially when you head deep into the desert by moonlight. Starting at sunset, far from the city, you’ll enter the natural habitat of local wild animals: Wolves, hyenas, deer, and fox. Under a star-filled sky, a night tour allows you to see nature a bit differently, see the night sky via telescope lenses and become a guest of the Beduin, the desert nomad tribes, around a bonfire. You’ll taste their traditional food and hear their stories. What more? A night walk in a desert canyon between the Eilot Mountains. 

Now that we have your attention, go to IsraDreams, part of Israel Experience, and start planning your visit to Eilat. Here, in one single site, you can plan your trip to Eilat, or really anywhere else in Israel, and find the perfect adventure just for you.

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