Internships for Onward Boston

Below is a selection of internships from our database.


Intern in a Clinical Microbiology Lab | Rambam Hospital 

Intern works in a real functioning hospital lab.
Interns should have a science background and some lab experience. A great fit for someone who is pre-med. Hospital lab experience is a great resume boost for medical school.


Computer Programming in Perceptional Computing Division | Intel

Computer programming in Perceptual Computing division


First Responder | Magen David Adom 

Interns will work as first responders on ambulances and mobile intensive care units, under the supervision of senior medics and paramedics. Interns will treat patients in all types of emergency situations. Interns that stay for a few months might have an opportunity to do more advanced classes. (There is an additional cost for the MDA program because of training and accommodations for the course)

Finance Associate | Dynamic Shipping 

Working on projects, facilitating shipments from all over the world. Great experience for international business and supply chain management.


Sports Marketing Associate | Maccabi Haifa Basketball

Interns may be involved in all different aspects of sports marketing depending on the needs of the marketing team and the particular skills of the intern.

Possible tasks have included:
Creating and editing promotional videos, designing promotional materials, identifying and contacting possible sponsors, arranging meetings for the marketing director, and initiating new marketing ideas for the team. Interns may also do data entry and follow-up for the fan database, and assist in the distribution of promotional materials. The intern may be able to assist in the press room during games.

Haifa hoops is a kids program for kids with special needs – interns can work with them as well – it’s the social action project and intern needs to create marketing material. Weekly “Fan Questions” video for marketing.

Maybe sports casting for games (during the season) if intern is good at that.


Civil Engineer | Galil Engineering 

-Updating AutoCAD drawings
-Creating structural models using STRAP
-Structural analysis calculations


Marketing and BizDev Associate | Healthymize

Preparing marketing materials; identifying and qualifying partners; assisting in building partner relationships


Tel Aviv

Internal Communications Associate | AMDOCS

Main Responsibilities:
• Communicate organizational initiatives, events, and stories to employees and relevant stakeholders
• Plan, write, edit, and post content to the staff Intranet and weekly email newsletter
• Participate in team-wide meetings
• Work collaboratively on engaging corporate projects and campaigns
• Develop and implement internal communications strategies alongside managers
• Draft key messages for target audiences and help curate content for projects
• Respond to feedback from employees and adjust communication content accordingly in order to maintain the appropriate perception and reputation


Real Estate Development Associate | Alto Real Estate Funds 

A series of closed-end investment funds specializing in value-add/commercial real estate investments throughout the U.S. Headquartered in New York City, NY with regional offices in Dallas, TX and in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

As a member of Alto Real Estate investment Funds Business Development (BD) Department, the individual will play an integral role working with all senior staff members in fulfilling specific property and/or portfolio level responsibilities. Responsibilities will focus on providing analytical support for the business development analyst utilizing Excel software, business plan modeling, legal documentation review and macroeconomic research.

The internship will give you a realistic view of real estate investment and a unique experience as you spend your time working on a variety of transactions and business development initiatives. You will build a strong foundation in the basic skills of macroeconomic research, financial modeling and gain experience in real estate investments.

Position Description:
o Help our team to overseeing ongoing real estate transactions from the profitability stage to Due Diligence
o Ability to financial model
o Collecting and analyzing relevant information on an ongoing basis
o Investment committee presentations


Marketing Strategist | Delicious Israel

Delicious Israel provides curated walking and cooking tours of the markets and backstreets of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. We are passionate about introducing visitors to our favorite local places to shop, eat, and experience Israeli cuisine. The walking tours range from 2 to 5 hours and are filled with tastings, history, and fun!

Delicious Israel is currently seeking a Marketing Intern, who will be responsible for creating and implementing an integrated marketing plan targeted towards journalists, bloggers, travel communities abroad, and more. The intern should be interested in writing, business development, and travel.

Tasks may include:
• Updating blog with relevant food-related and industry news
• Visiting food locations and maintaining communications with local vendors
• Tech/app related research and development
• Outreach and marketing communications to potential clients
• Information gathering from internet and media sources

• Blog pieces
• Continue Instagram research (Udemy/Lynda as a resource?)
• Vendor pricing sheet – how much should future guides expect to spend at each location?
• Tripadvisor email requests and/or review responses
• Written content for Shuk Book
• Newsletters – written content, email list compilation
• Develop high-quality photo bank for marketing purposes


Analyst | Oryzn Capital 

Conduct initial background research and market analysis on startups seeking investment, as well as carrying out more in-depth due diligence.
In addition, participate in the fund’s global initiatives to help grow Oryzn’s dynamic environment.


Client Side Developer |

As a client developer you would have the chance to master many mobile platforms (Android, blackberry, iPhone etc.), drilling down to product design and iterate very fast. You would need to demonstrable fast learning, hacker style skills, multi-disciplinary thinking, product mgmt capabilities and prototyping abilities. Subject-matter expertise web, mobile, system software engineering is highly desirable.


Advertising, Web Marketing & Graphic Design Internship | Great Interactive Israel

Interested in art directors/designers for web, art directors, graphic designers, and all design professionals access

We need a marketing analyst and data analysts. Anyone with a major in communication, advertising, business or marketing.
We are a leader in digital advertising with major clients from all main fields like Nike, Lufthansa, Unilever, Sixt, Cellcom etc’
They are looking for someone with some experience in digital communications, digital marketing, internet development, internet design. It’s very fluid there and the intern gets to see everything because it’s a smaller company, so the intern will have their hand in every department working on projects with everyone.


Architect and Designer | STOREY Architects 

The intern will have a wide variety of tasks and responsibilities, dependent on their knowledge, technical capability, and willingness to learn. The work will involve architectural design, interior design, working on architectural competitions, graphics and website work. Experience in Autocad, Sketchup or other 3D modelling program, Photoshop, etc is essential.


Cyber Research and Development | TowerSec 

Electrical Engineering or similar for a junior position in communication and data analysis/algorithms research team managed by the company CTO.

The job involves researching of communication characteristics, extracting features for machine learning, designing anomaly detection algorithms and evaluating their performance.



Public Relations Associate | Finn Partners 

The intern will work with the firm’s executives on account activities for clients, including non-profits, technology companies and others. Work can include research, writing, media retrieval, attending client events and media pitching. Interns will become full members of the team and attend staff meetings, training and other events.


Journalist | Jerusalem Post

The position includes writing news stories, press releases and op ends as well as researching stories for other journalists and conducting interviews. Positions available for graphic artists in the layout desk.


Solar Power Associate | Energiya Global 

Interns work on a variety of projects, setting the framework for the building of solar power plants in the 3rd world. This includes market research, international law research, and public policy.


Intern in a Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital |Alyn Hospital

The hospital can take interns in the para health professions (physical therapy, speech therapy etc) as well as regular volunteers who are willing to work with children in very difficult situations. For example, a volunteer can assist in the day care as one of the staff. This includes feeding, changing and playing with the young children (up until age 3 in the day care). Much of the work centers around the day care center, with the possibilities of accompanying the children on their therapies.


Hospitality and Tourism at a 5 Star Hotel | Waldorf Astoria 

Work in one of the many departments of the hotel. Get a real feel for the hospitality industry.


Media Specialist | Jerusalem Village

This internship focuses on 4 areas. Writing content for our blog, connecting to young adult global communities and telling them about life in Jerusalem for young adults, identifying cool events in the city for newcomers and promoting in our social media, all marketing writing in English.


Assistant to the Director | Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development 

The intern will work closely with the Executive Director and the Deputy Director in implementing The Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development’s vision. There is a significant range of actions that interns can be involved in with ICSD, in the areas of video production and editing, sales and marketing (calling and emailing tour operators and potential clients), social media, fundraising, and website development. Interns can specialize as a Social Media Intern or a Marketing Intern. Some of the potential tasks and responsibilities include contacting religious institutions from multiple faiths; research on religious sources on environmental issues, and on donors and foundations; website development and updating; and design, planning, and assessment of interfaith environmental events and seminars in Israel. Examples are included below in the sample schedule .

The Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development seeks qualified interns to work closely with our staff in manifesting the organization’s vision. Interns will be involved in a diverse range of assignments and responsibilities, which may include contacting religious institutions from multiple faiths; planning events such as speaking tours or conferences; researching religious sources on environmental issues; supporting fundraising through research of foundations and funding sources; website development and updating; designing, planning, and assessing interfaith environmental events and seminars in Jerusalem and internationally.

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