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Israel Experience is a subsidiary of the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI). The company specializes in providing organized trips to Israel for teens, university students, adults and families from all over the globe. We work with many different organizations such as schools, higher educational institutions, churches, synagogues, Federations and Communal organizations as well as private individuals and families.  Since its formation in 1958, Israel Experience has solidified its reputation as a provider of high-quality programming at fair and reasonable prices, backed up by superior logistical services.

Israel Experience is committed to developing programs that are “tailor made” to meet the needs and interests of each of its clients. To this end, we pride ourselves in maintaining excellent lines of communication with our clients, working with them in all stages of development, from a program’s inception through to its actual implementation.

There are more than 90 employees at Israel Experience working across several divisions, however the Adults and Families team focuses on working with groups who want the same dynamic experience that our teen groups enjoy but at a slightly gentler pace that will appeal to adult and family groups. We specialize in putting together itineraries that enable people to experiencing the real modern day State of Israel with all of its positive aspects, challenges and complexities as well as visiting the actual places and learning about the events that shaped the basis of the faith and cultures of millions of people around the globe.

We can tailor such a program to your exact requirements allowing you to decide:

  • What level of accommodation you want, we work with everything from youth hostels to the top 5 * hotels.
  • How many and which ancient historical, biblical and religious sites you want to see and how much of the modern Israel you want to see.
  • What the balance between Jewish sites and sites of other religions should be.
  • Which people you want to meet and interact with.
  • How much you want to tour, hike, explore, see and experience things and how much you want to hear sessions and lectures from internationally renowned speakers.
  • To relax the focus on religion and concentrate on the political landscape or look at Israel from a different angle altogether or, of course, create a balance between all the facets that Israel has to offer.
  • To take the services of an expert tour guide/educator to run your program for you or to compliment your own educational staff.

Israel is open to you and we can build your ideal itinerary together.

We look forward to welcoming you to Israel soon!

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