Our Top Bars in Tel Aviv 2019

We don’t need to promote Tel Aviv or, in this case, its night-life. However, we do have a mission – to have the most fun possible, hang out in the current trendiest locations, and finally check off ‘feel like a local’ our ‘Israel to-do’ list. 

Bars are a must in Tel Aviv’s nightlife. The drinks, the food, the atmosphere, and music. Sometimes indoors, sometimes outside. Some are on the 2nd floor and some below ground. Each with its unique vibe, crowd and hours. 

We got you covered. 

Top 5 Bars in Tel Aviv 2019



Florentine is the ׳it׳ neighborhood in Tel Aviv, with great bars and restaurants, all in a grungy setting. One of the most well-known bars here is Teder.FM. It’s housed in the interior courtyard of an old 50s building surrounded by balconies. On the first floor, it offers pizza and beer and right above it is one of Tel Aviv’s most popular restaurants, Romano, by Israel’s celebrity Chef Eyal Shani. The setting is a very casual one – picnic tables and folding chairs with live music or a DJ. 


A favorite! Well hidden, not big, speakeasy-style! Love it!!! 

The staff, from host to bartenders, cater to your taste – you don’t necessarily need to choose something off a menu but more or less describe the flavors you are looking for. The decor takes you back to the 30s and has a few secret rooms only shown if you ask. Not an easy place on your wallet but worth visiting at least once. 

Radio EPGB

On Rothschild Boulevard, the prime location for an evening stroll or bar hopping, you’ll find this city gem, or actually, the cherry on top of it all. It’s noisy and crowded with great DJs, no dance floor while people still attempt to dance. The fun starts at 1 am and you can find it in an old office building’s basement. Good luck! 

Cafe Europa

Did we say fancy? An upscale cocktail bar and restaurant, in a two-story setting, with a balcony overlooking the diners down below. Not easy to get into, small but with a great variety of drinks. A true Tel Aviv vibe kind of place to people watch and be seen. 


This is one of the latest pop-ups in Tel Aviv. Influenced by the town of Tulum in Mexico, it’s sunsets are ‘the’ thing to watch. Some say they are even better here – you be the judge! The menu hosts sharing plates with local flavors and fresh product and the cocktails are mainly martini based. This place is a summer-only venue, so go now. 

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