Specialty Trips and Events in Israel

Israel is a one-of-a-kind place and any trip to Israel is truly special. However, there are certain special events that happen in Israel once a year or even once in a lifetime that make the visit much more unique and memorable.

Israel’s Independence Day 

Once a year the whole country is united to celebrate its independence. No matter your political perspective, your religious views or your age, Israel’s Independence Day is one day where everyone celebrates. From BBQs  (‘Mangal’) on every corner to a fly-over by Israel’s Air Force to ceremonies telling the heroic stories of conquering Israel’s independent. This day is full of culture, history and lots of well-fed individuals. 

Purim, Where Israel is One Big Party

Purim, the holiday the Jews commemorate the saving of the Jews from Hamman, is celebrated in Israel around the end of February or beginning of March (as the Jewish holidays are celebrated by the Lunar Calendar, unlike the Gregorian calendar).  Visually speaking, it resembles the holiday of Halloween, where everyone dresses up and goes to the streets. Israel becomes one big party with costumes, music, food, and wine. There are also parades and special events scattered through the country, primarily the big cities. This is one holiday everyone loves to celebrate: Young, old, secular or religious. Come join the party!

Participating in the Jerusalem Marathon

Imagine running with 15,000 people through the streets of Jerusalem! While minding your pace you are engulfed by a truly spiritual experience of a thousand years of history following your every footstep. You can also enjoy a detailed tour of all the spots that are in the marathon route followed by historic explanations and stories as well as divrei Torah, the practice of sharing a Torah thought by leading Torah scholars and influential speakers about the current situation in Israel.
There are numerous marathons in Israel such as the Tel Aviv Marathon and Golan Marathon.

Experiencing Gay Pride Week

Israel celebrates its diversity all year round. Jewish holidays are celebrated by Israel’s different ethnicities, each one with its own traditions.  There are secular versus religious nuances in day to day life in Israel as well. Also, each Israeli citizen takes on the weekend or more specifically Shabbat, a bit, or a lot, differently. There is one group that celebrates its uniqueness and individuality during Gay Pride Month. The LGBTQ vibrant community, throughout the month of June, colors the whole country with events and awareness as it culminates in the huge world-renowned Gay Pride Parade. Quite a way to get to know Israel!

Celebrating the High Holidays 

The High Holidays in Israel are a time to reflect and enjoy. Welcoming family and friends around the dinner table, remembering the ‘wrongs’ and the ‘rights’ you have done in the past years, making amends – these are all part of the month-long affairs of the Jewish New Year, Yom Kippur, Sukkoth, and Simchat Torah.  From the Wailing wall crowds to the barren streets to the last days before Fall at the beach, the High Holidays are a unique time of year to enjoy Israel.

When planning your trip to Israel you can definitely attempt to create a perfect visit around unique events like these. Israel Experience can work with you to make it happen!


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