Google yourself with Career Israel

As if that doesn’t already seem too good to be true—now one Career Israel participant will land an internship there, leaving their future employer with Google-y eyes.

Yes, Career Israel, the five-month professional internship program run by Israel Experience, has been asked by Google Tel Aviv to set them up with one lucky intern who will soon be able to take their coffee breaks on the end of a surfboard. This is just one of the many internship opportunities Career Israel has to offer at over 700 top organizations across Israel, including Hewlett Packard, McCann Erikson, and The Jerusalem Post.

From AdWords to Chrome, Talk to Drive, Google continues to provide spectacular applications that change the way we use the web. Now, the newly built Tel Aviv office is calling all those interested international interns with engineering skills, a love of the Internet, and a passion for learning to join their software development team as a part of the Career Israel internship structure. This means that the accepted Career Israel participant will not only get hooked up with one of the most prestigious internship options that Israel has to offer, but will also get accommodations in the center of Tel Aviv, a Hebrew study program, tours, educational seminars, and a professional internship placement coordinator who makes sure they are meeting their professional goals.

For more information on the Career Israel internship with Google Israel, or to see more internship opportunities with Career Israel, visit the Career Israel website at


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